Learning to drive can be challenging enough, but before you even get behind the wheel there is the array of driving instructors and schools to choose from. So let's start by checking if you are in the right place first.

Are you looking for an instructor who will remain calm and encouraging, no matter how much you mess up?

Would you like your instructor to be reliable, show up on time and keep to arranged lessons as much as possible?

Do you want lessons to be tailored to suit your own individual ability and learning style?

If you answered yes to all three, you are in the right place!


A Quick Insight


Based in the Broxtowe borough of Nottingham, I offer driving lessons across most parts of North and West Nottingham.

Whether you are a learner driver taking to the road for the first time, or an international licence holder looking to get your UK licence, you are welcome to undertake tuition with me - all you need is a valid licence!

Currently I am offering the following services;

- Beginner driving lessons

- Part-trained learner driving lessons

- Experienced learner driving lessons

- Confidence building driving lessons

- Overcoming anxiety driving lessons

- Refresher driving lessons

- Intensive driver training

- Pre-lesson meetings

- Driving test sessions

- Pass Plus courses

- Motorway training

- Mock driving tests

- Automatic to Manual licence conversion

- International to UK licence conversion

I'm also researching into Anxiety and it's effects behind the wheel in order to help enable anxious drivers in their desire to become confident road users! The aim is to be a driving anxiety specialist - not just another driving instructor!

Fancy a Coffee?

Sitting behind the wheel for the first time can be intimidating, but have you considered the added pressure of doing this whilst sitting next to someone you have never met before? Someone who is going to be focused on how you drive?

In order to help the more anxious of learners feel more at ease about who you will be learning with, I'm offering this FREE 'meet and greet' service, where you can break the ice without the added distraction and pressure of being behind the wheel for the first time. I'll even buy you a *coffee!

Get in touch to request to 'Meet your Instructor!'

*Restrictions apply

Feeling Charitable?

Being on the roads isn't just about getting your own licence and keeping yourself safe. Over the last 6 years there has been a shift in statistics - whilst the number of vehicle occupants being injured or killed in collisions has dropped, the number of pedestrians and cyclists being injured or killed has increased. The number of reported incidents involving horse riders has also risen!

These charities are working to keep our roads safe for all road users, so why not offer them a little support in their efforts?

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Call / Text / WhatsApp: 07792 207 424

Email: info@ethicaldrivinginstructor.co.uk

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